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Romar is a retail coin business. It is a sole proprietorship owned by Robert W. Olmsted.

     The Conservatory died on Oct. 10, 2008 when I fell and broke my arm. It took $40,000 worth of surgery to get everything re-attached. It required a steel plate and nine screws to re- attach my upper arm to my shoulder bone.  There was little pain, but I had many weeks of rehab.  Then they discovered that my kidneys were not working, and they put me on kidney dialysis three times a week, four hours a day.  It's been a bloody nuisance, but no pain to speak of.

     Then my right foot got infected from a bed sore and they chopped it off (that was on Memorial day, 2011).  From May to Oct, I was in bed in a resthome.  In October 2011 I got a prosthetic foot and started to learn to walk on it. I was soon out of the wheel chair and walking with a walker. I got rid of the walker by December 15th, and have walked just with a cain since. (but with nothing in the house, using furniture and walls to keep my balance) It ain't normal and it aint fast, but  I'm  up and going. On October 10, 2008, the publishing business died. I didn't morn the loss. as after 40 years of trying. I couldn't make it work. I worked long  hours, but never even made minimum wage. I have a drawer full of pay checks (at $100.00 a week) that I couldn't cash.  The Conservatory died with zero funds. I apologize to all for my failure. In all homesty, no one seems to care.  So it is on to the coin business I go.  A business I have been involved in since 1968, but as a part timer Now since I can't do anything else, I'll be full time. And I love the coin business.

About Romar.

We sell coins. We do not sell slabs. We like slabs and think they are an important and valuable addition to coin colecting. Especially for the beginner who hasn't learned to grade his own coins. But we believe every collector should learn to grade his own coins.  The oldest law of coin collecting is that the buyer grades the coin. If you don't know how to grade, you deserve whatever happens.  Learning is actually pretty simple. It involves buying the book and looking at a lot of coins.  I have seen raw proof coins go for $25.00 or so , with the same coin in the same grade going for $90.00 or so because it was in an NGC holder. Ridiculous!

I have a pretyy large inventory of excellent coins. All are guaranteed genuine forver, and are guaranteed to please you, the buyer. If any coin doesn't please you, send it back in origial holder within 14 days for an immediate refund. No questions asked.

Here we go with a very short list:  

1848 Large cent VG only 20.00: 1849 VG large cent $22.00: 1898 S VDB  XF $1,500.00:  Here's one I'm not permitted]to sell on  ebay. PCGS graded it MS65 RD.  This coin catalogues for about $6,000. but it  is yours for only $5,000.00:  Here we go, from $5,000 to only $5.00: 1910 Lincoln, in nice XF  $5.00: 1014 S XF lincoln $75.00:  1916 S XF Lincoln $25.00:

1920 Maine Commemorative. This one is slabbed by PCI, (As MS65) a rather excellent third party grading service, now out of business. But remember the rule "The buyer grades the coin."  Before you, I was the buyer and I've  graded every coin on this list. Mostly my grade agrees with the grader. If  it does not, I don't buy the coin and it doesn't get offered here. And I have turned down every grader at least once. This gem is only $450.00

1946 D Walking Half dollar. PCI calls it MS65 $100.00

Peace Dollars are the most beautiful of the modern coins. Would you like a real beauty for your type set?  I've got a few  MS65s, by various graders and ungraded. These all catalogue from $168 to $175, but while  existing supplies last I'm offering them at $120.00 each. I have the common dayes 1923, 24 and 25, date of your choice if still on hand, I only have two or three of each date, so second choices a good idea.  $120.00

1909 S  vdb Lincoln. PCGS calls it MS65, RB. It's a beauty and offered at a grand or so below current catalogue. $5,000

1881 Gem BU Morgan.  PCI grades it MS66. Really special only $2,500.00

1946 S walking half PCI grades it MS66, it sure is awesome (May be undergraded)  $500.00

1893 Isabella Quarter (our first comemorative.) MS64 (PCI)  $1,200.

1880S choice Morgan MS64 (PCI) you'll think it too cheap at only $150.00.
916S SWe are happy  to accept Visa or MasterCard and probably paypal too.
D1885-O Morgan. Here's the gem of gems  MS67 (PCI) The most perfect Morgan I've ever seen and dirt cheap at only $2,495.00.

1932-S Washington Quarter. This one is graded MS 62  by NGC. Only $1,200.00.
I Invite you all to visit e bay and bid on my coins. Sometimes you can pick up a real bargain.
1881 MS64 (PCI) Morgan $125.00  1943-S Walking Liberty Half MS65 (PCI)   $275.00
1978-S proof, cameo Roosevelt dime  $50.00:  1890 Morgan MS64 $150.00 MS65 $2,750.00
1963-D Franklin  MS65 (Accugrade) $150.00: 1940-S Walking Liberty Half MS65 (PCI) $295.00

1958 Proof 70 (IGS) Washington Quarter $125.00: 1945-D Walking Liberty Half undergraded $95.00
1978-S PR69 (PCI) Kennedy Half $59.00: 1909 S  vdb, here's a beauty chocolate brown XF $1,500.00

More later, I've just gotten started. But I'm alreadystuck.  I relly need to generate the cash to pay a web designer. I don't seem to be smart enough. (yet, I designed one once before. I can't have gotten  dummer, can I?)

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